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Trading Journal Spreadsheets

U.S. Financial Data - Updated Every Thursday Night and Now Linked directly from Fed Site -- 700k PDF File

Monetary Trends -- Now Linked directly from Fed Site

Fed National Monthly Trends -- 900K PDF File Now Linked directly from Fed Site

Good TA Fundamentals -- 2.3 Meg PDF File

Prechtor - Large E-wave, Fibonacci, Kondratieff cycles, etc. -- 173K PDF File

Dugger,McNally,and Medley - History of Market Risk -- 275k PDF File

Money Supply, How the FOMC works and What are Repos... -- 91k Word Document

John Maynard Keynes World Bank/Currency proposition November 1941
originally found at

Old outdated Stuff.......

Winning the zero sum game, (Profiles of Traders) -- 82k PDF File

The Richebächer Letter June 2001 -- 125k PDF File

SAB Accounting Standard -- 139k PDF File

Yardeni stock cycles Dec 10 2001 -- 519k PDF File

PE History 1996-2001 -- 164k PDF File

Yardeni Earnings Watch -- 656.5 K PDF File

Yardeni Fed Watch -- 156 K PDF File